PEKA Group Helping and Developing Community

Writer: Billy K. Tambahani

There is a Christian group in the city of Bandung which hold social services in a unique way. This group is named Peka, so it is often called the Peka Group. Peka Group has the objective to promote and improve the lives of the poor by giving them jobs and income for their efforts. In the city of Bandung, the unemployment rate is quite high and led to increased of poor population and families in the city. This is compounded by the high rate of displacement of poor people to the city who want to find work. The newcomers then actually are stuck in the city, unemployed and poor because they do not have the expertise and skills and adequate education to get job. That is why Peka Group targets the unemployed and the urban poor to make them have a better life.

Peka Group started its activity with the ministry to invite the poor and those who do not have a job to jointly collect plastic waste in the area where they live. The plastic waste is one of the major problems in the city due to the use of plastics in various forms for various purposes. The plastic garbage collection activity has also helped the government to reduce the presence of plastic waste which is difficult to unravel.

Plastic waste is then collected in a shelter. People who carry a plastic garbage into the shelter will be given cash payment based on the type and weight of plastic waste they carry.

At the center of the plastic waste collection, Peka Group invited the poor to come to work together to sort and clean up plastic waste that exists. Some of them are working as a recorder the size of the weighing scales, as employees determining the type of plastic, plastic cleaners, as clerks in payments and other section. All of them working in the garbage disposal center are paid a salary as a reward for their work.  Rubbish that had accumulated after cleaning  will be dried, and then will be sold to the plastics processing plant.

Peka Group has increased its revenue rapidly since it was founded.  Today, Peka Group has evolved and become a big company in recycling plastic waste and producing plastic seed in Bandung.  Peka Group also has another field of business such as property, farm, fertilizer, and piggeries.

Activities Carried by Peka Group
There are many activities which are conducted by Peka Group, such as:
1. Managing the waste recycling business
Peka Group has its own office that manage all activities related to        the waste recycling.  People will come to this office and bring their      waste that can be recycled such as plastic, paper, and iron.  And            there are some people whose job is to receive and calculate the             price of the waste.

  1. Provide social assistance to employees and surrounding communities
    If there are employees or people in the environment who need help, the Peka Group will provide social assistance as required and this action is adapted well to the existing capabilities of the group.
  1. Provide capital assistance to business partners
    to provide capital assistance to people who want to be partner in the field of recycling bins
  1. Providing housing assistance to employees and displaced persons
    providing shelter and bedroom for employees in a residence
  1. Providing scholarships for children who are from poor family
  2. Creating a shelter for migrants who can not afford
  3. Provide assistance to local government
  4. Organize meetings for employees in accordance to their religion once a week.
  5. Hold a Christmas social event every year
  6. Hold a recreation and worship Easter event for employees and partners every year
  7. Hold a mission visit to other regions in Indonesia
  8. Opening of new jobs in the other region, especially in the field of recycling plastic waste

The Types of Businesses
Until today Peka Group is becoming increasingly advanced and there are some types of businesses that is currently undertaken, that is:

  1. Selling and Purchase waste materials
  2. Recycling bins
  3. Plastic Seed Production
  4. Production of Fertilizers
  5. Residential property
  6. Livestock breeding
  7. Cooperative savings and loan

Social Services Activity
In its social services, Peka Group has become a growing company and provide benefits to society and the city. In the context of its social services, Peka Group has managed to carry out the following functions:

  1. Blessing the poor
  2. Empowering the poor
  3. Opening new jobs
  4. Providing shelter
  5. Improving living standards of the poor people
  6. Involve the poor in business
  7. Educating people to become entrepreneurs
  8. Training the communities to have a good personality and faith in the Lord
  9. Building good character and self-sufficient society.

My Observation And Thoughts
I was living in a house adjacent to the location of Peka Group and I got involved in the ministry in this place, so I pretty much know what this group are doing and who they served as well as what forms of social services undertaken by this group.

According to my observation, Peka group has done the social services  very well at all for the poor and migrants from outside the province. Many people who do not have a home, come to this place and they are given the jobs and adequate wages every month.

Peka group also give spiritual guidance to people who become employees so their characters and attitudes are changed and become better personally.

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